What Is Inside "Starex Forex Simple System"

The New Revolutionary Signals Generating Algorithm

  • Compatible With MT4

    Compatible With MT4

    Starex Forex Simple System works on Metatrader 4 Platform

  • 100% No Repainting

    100% No Repainting

    The signals do not repaint and not recalculate

  • Setindex Buffers Codes

    Setindex Buffers Codes

    Every indicator includes buffer codes in order to make EA

  • Linked To Account Numbers

    Linked To Account Numbers

    One activation is linked to one account number

  • No Computer Restriction

    No Computer Restriction

    You can run Forex Simple System in every computer with no problem

  • Lifetime License

    Lifetime License

    We provide license for lifetime use without computer restriction

  • Push Notification

    Push Notification

    Every indicator has push notification for your mobile

  • Email Notification

    Email Notification

    You can get signal alerts by email as quickly as possible

  • Paypal Payment Method

    Paypal Payment Method

    We use Paypal as a safe and secure payment method

Discover Starex Forex System

Generating Reliable And Profitable Signals

“Starex Forex Simple System” is a brand new unique technology using candle volume. It generates accurate and profitable signals and never repaints. The signals do not wink in the present candles. “Starex Forex Simple System” is including setindex buffer codes in order to design Expert Advisors (EA).

The secret behind “Starex Forex Simple System” is a combination of a smart proprietary algorithm based on our expertise. No matter what your experience level is. It is really simple to enter a position when you follow the instruction. You can boost your trading success rate when it is used correctly and minimize losses dramatically.

  • Using candle volume algorithm
  • Not repainting and not recalculating
  • Not winking and not vanishing in current candles
  • The signals do not disappear in future once they come out
  • Including push notification, email notification and screen alerts
  • Highly profitable signals and easy to setup in seconds

Real Live Action Videos

Do Not Repainting & Do Not Recalculating

FAQ – You Can Find Frequently Asked Questions Here

→ Is there any monthly option for “Starex Forex Simple System”?
There is no monthly option. This is absolutely a one-time purchase

→ What platforms do I need to run “Starex Forex Simple System”?
Metatrader 4 for the present

→ What pairs and time frame does it run on?
Every currency pair and every time frame

→ Is this EA or manual trading system?
This is a manual trading system including non repainting indicators

→ How much money do I need to start trading?
There is no minimum starting amount of money

→ Can I design EA using the indicators directly?
Yes, you can. It includes setindex buffer codes in order to design EA

→ How do I get “Starex Forex Simple System” after the purchase?
We will send you the system within maximum 12 hours by email

→ Do you send instruction manual pdf file?
Yes, we send it with non repainting indicators

→ What are the payment methods?
Paypal. We can accept Bank Wire, Skrill, Neteller and Bitcoin if Paypal is restricted in your country.  Please contact us for more info.

→ Is there any Exit Strategy of the system?
Yes, there is. We will send you manual PDF file including exit strategies after the purchase

  • The system does not repaint as it is mentioned in the website. It perfoms better when paying attention to manual PDF. I recommend this indicator for any newbie or professional trader.
  • This trading system saves your time and brings you more confident of entering trade and exiting trades. Easy to use, great for trading. Thank you
  • I purchased and used in a demo account for one day, it is profitable and gives you confidence. recommend to all types of traders.
  • I did won my first trades with this indicator today. Never ever I have seen an indicator that really helps you just a little bit to stay on the right side of the trend. This indicator really does.
    Klearchos Kokkinidis

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30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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